Artist Statement

My current work reflects on the ongoing construction of our lives and culture from eclectic and disparate sources. From millions of diverse experiences and encounters, we each weave together our environments and our philosophies with unexpected combinations. These combinations yield surprising harmonies as well as daunting tensions. We are in constant negotiations-- what should go, what will remain? All times are times of change in which something is lost, something gained. Systems and structures rise and fall or fall into disuse and await reclamation. The process is always, for all of us, ongoing; unfinished and unfinishable. In my two dimensional work, the process of collage parallels the process of composing both our physical lives and world views with pre-existing forms, language, and ideas. These works include complex layers of collage, image transfer, and paint. Likewise in my sculptural works, materials, often scavenged from demolition and construction sites, have been repurposed, recombined. These fragments stitched together from varied origins afford tenuous inconsistencies as well as unexpected beauty. My current work reflects on this kind of fabrication, wondering at the nuances separating a patchwork quilt from Frankenstein’s monster.