Artist Statement

I have long been drawn to the vocabulary of transformation-- to the rubble and raw material, the scaffolding and tarps screening off construction sites. These forms presuppose a need for change (Why? Declared By whom?) and confess that the process is underway (To what end? Who decides?). There is an honesty in these forms admitting to being alterable, vulnerable, incomplete.

 Recent travels in Europe have me comparing the scaffold-clad cities of Rome, Florence, and London with my own. Each city and people are wrestling with the history of art and the history of power. Materially and metaphorically we are in constant negotiations-- what should go, what will remain, what lengths will we go to? The process is always, for all of us, ongoing and the path unclear. 

 Integrating painting with collage and image transfer, my work reflects on the ongoing construction of our lives from eclectic and disparate sources. The process of collage parallels the process of composing both our physical lives and world-views with pre-existing forms and ideas. Image fragments taken from magazines and catalogs serve as a vocabulary with which to negotiate my understanding of the world and a search for meaning. Likewise in my sculptural works, materials, often scavenged from demolition and construction sites, have been repurposed, recombined. The compositions often take the shape of architectural structures, interiors, or spaces in which a tension exists. They offer a world that is fragile, layered, and still in formation.